Who we are

Who we are

Founded in 2013, Greenstone Resources LP (“Greenstone”) is a private equity fund specialising in the mining and metals sector.

The cyclical nature of the sector in particular the appetite of public markets to invest are unhelpful for junior miners seeking to make long term decisions around their projects. At Greenstone, we don’t see private equity as an alternative to traditional public markets. We see the role of private equity as being complimentary and strategic.

With more than 100 years collective experience – predominantly fulfilling senior roles within mining companies, financial institutions and principal investing – Greenstone understands the sector, its value drivers and inherent risks. As such, Greenstone is able to make long term investments which better aligns itself to management decision making.

Such an approach necessitates a closer and more ‘partnership’ type approach. Greenstone’s approach to investing is to develop a collaborative relationship with management and leverage its own in-house skill, expertise and global network to add value to projects (as well as capital).

Greenstone is managed by Greenstone Management Ltd and advised by Greenstone Capital LLP. Greenstone Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mark Sawyer & Michael Haworth – Senior Partners of Greenstone Capital