What we do

What we do

Greenstone has a broad mandate to make investments in the mining sector across a diversified range of commodities and geographical regions (developed as well as developing countries).

We target investment opportunities in the post-exploration phase and will consider investing anywhere on the development ‘curve’ from concept study/PEA through to construction.

We will consider both public and private opportunities and have flexibility to structure transactions to reflect the unique risks and opportunities associated with each situation.

Key investment considerations for Greenstone include:-

  •  identifying robust projects with strong fundamentals that meet our in-house commodity macro themes;
  • quality incumbent management who are passionate and focussed on their projects;
  • maximising the amount of capital invested ‘in the ground’;
  • having opportunities to work with incumbent management to add value to projects by leveraging Greenstone team’s decades of mining and metals experience, and the global/multi-commodity network that sits behind it;
  • Greenstone’s typical investment ranges ranges from $3 to $50 million. Greenstone can increase investment size by leveraging its active co-investment programme. In addition, Greenstone is able to leverage its own global network of capital providers and in certain circumstances may lead a consortium investing higher amounts.

We take our environmental and social responsibility seriously. Click here to learn about our policy.

ESG Policy

“We have a broad mandate to invest in multi-commodity post-exploration development projects…”

“…we look for quality management teams who are passionate about their projects and open to Greenstone’s partnership approach…”