How we add value

How we add value

Greenstone considers itself to be an industry insider. With over 100 years’ collective experience of project development, running producing assets, assessing and managing project risks, making and realising investments and formulating/executing project financing and re-financing plans.

As such Greenstone offers a rich resource of experience which can be leveraged to add value including, by way of example, on areas such as:

  • all aspects of project development (not just ‘hard’ technical issues such as geology, mining and processing) but also ‘soft’ issues such as environmental, social, Government and community issues);
  • risk assessment and on-going management;
  • government relations and other key stakeholder issues;
  • all aspects of budgeting including capital and operating cost estimation;
  • project management and execution plans;
  • ‘owners’ team’ resourcing plans;
  • development and execution of credible financing plans.

Unlike many public equity funds, Greenstone is a long term investor who understands the industry. As such, it is not subject to many of the short term pressures (such as forced redemption) that drive dysfunctional investment behaviour.

“…Greenstone is more than just a capital provider…..we house a depth of real industry experience managing projects, construction programmes and financing developments. In doing so we understand the long term nature of capital budgeting…”